The Jaffa Orchard Catalogue of Services

The Jaffa as a Meeting Place
The Jaffa Orchard is home to a range of activities - often centred around our coffee shop and catering facilities. We host a cross stitch group, creative writing group, and other activities from time to time. If you have a community based group and would like to use our facilities, please speak to one of our directors. Back to top

The Jaffa Directory

We hold a directory of contact details of local tradesmen and services. It covers a full range of skills, crafts and services. A copy is located both in the coffee shop and upstairs in the gift shop and is available for browsing.

If you would like your details included in the directory, then the cost is £5.00 per annum for an A4 entry. Either bring 3 copies of your own advert in to the shop, or give us details and we will print them for you. Back to top

The Jaffa Notice Board

We have a notice board in the lobby for use by local residents. We charge 30 pence per week, for a post card sized advert. Back to top

The Jaffa Parcel Receiving Service

If you wish to give The Jaffa Orchard as an address to receive parcels on your behalf then this can be done by arrangement. Donations for this service are very welcome.  We are open to receive parcels between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

The Jaffa Orchard is not able to cope with unusually large or heavy parcels - please discuss your requirements with us. Back to top

Recycling Facilities

We act as a collection point for a full range of recyclable items as follows:

Blankets, Pillows etc for the Bedford Night Shelter

Used Postage Stamps - for two different charities
Used Print Cartridges - for Save the Child fund
Old Spectacles - for Sight Savers International
Greetings Cards - recycled to make new cards and boxes. Back to top

The Jaffa Child Friendly Area

Our lobby is our designated Child friendly area where there are toys and books for their use.  Meals and refreshments can be taken there if you and your family feel more comfortable there. Children are of course welcome to use the facilities throughout the Jaffa although we do request that young children are accompanied if they want to go upstairs.
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Alpha Courses

We have hosted a number of Alpha Courses which are open to those wishing to explore and learn about the Christian faith in a relaxed and informal setting. The meetings start with a meal and continue with a short presentation and discussion. These are now hosted at either Russell Park Baptist Church or Christ church both in Denmark St. Please speak to a member of staff if you are interested in attending.  Back to top

Bedford foodbank Collection Point
We operate a collection point for Bedford foodbank.  If you have food that you wish to donate, please leave it
in the container in our lobby area.  We have leaflets available explaining more about Bedford foodbank and describing several other waysin which you can offer your support.  If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff or visit Bedford foodbank website here.    Back to top

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